Par mums un mūsu uzņēmumu

Family-owned wood working company "Luseni" started it`s activity in 1995 with production of construction boards and pallet boards mainly for local market and export to England, Spain and Hungary.
In 1998 company’s development strategy was elaborated, which was based on intensive investment of financial resources in purchase new machinery and improvement of production process efficiency. The chosen strategy turned out to be successful, and, as a result, production capacity of “Luseni” grew up to 500 m3 per month in short period of time.

In 2004 “Luseni” bought woodworking company “Timberland” with all of its buildings and equipment. This is considered as the most important event in company’s history. Consequently, the product range was extended with glue laminated materials, mouldings and briquettes. Thanks to this, company is able to increase production capacity up to 700 m3 per month.

Since 2006, increase of added value for the products is set as company’s priority, and the glue laminated window/door scantlings, edge glued panels and finger-jointed boards became basic products of "Luseni".
Majority of our products are being exported to such countries as Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Hungary and Norway.

One of our company’s characteristic features is a tendency to develop, so we pay a great attention to the modernization and automation of machinery in order to improve production quality, increase production efficiency and raise production capacity. But no matter how modern machinery is it cannot be imagined without human supervision, and therefore company employs 70 workers, who are knowledgeable, skilled and experienced specialists.

"Luseni" has FSC® Chain of Custody certification (licence code: FSC-C111696), which certifies that the wood used in production originates from responsibly managed forests. The certificate is a proof that system created by company provides an opportunity to trace material throughout the whole production process – from delivery of logs to shipment of finished production. FSC® products are available on request.

Individual approach to every client and flexibility are the things what make us to stand out among other companies. We can easily adapt our production technologies to every customer’s desires and needs, and that is what our collaboration partners appreciate most of all.