Laminated window / door scantlings

viena brusa

Basic production of company „Luseni” is glue laminated window scantlings made of pine wood, whose production specificity is based on directives and guidelines of Rosenheim (Germany) Institute for Window Technology (IFT). Scantlings are mainly used for window and door production but they are also integrated in different wooden constructions like beams, columns, stands, frames, etc. as well.

Scantlings consist of several layers of wooden lamellas which are glued together in thickness. Every lamella is finger-jointed (lengthwise glued), it means that all the knots and defects are being sawn out, as result, all sides of the scantlings are practically free from defects. Besides, we are producing also scantlings with fixed (solid) defect-free outer lamellas.

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Main characteristics

Wood specie pine (Pinus Sylvestris L.)
Dimensions Thickness (h) 40 - 1000 mm
Width (w) 30 - 200 mm
Length (L) up to 6000 mm
Configuration KK | KKK | KKKK
K - finger jointed;
D - fixed (solid)
Min. distance between finger joints for face layers (f) 21cm | 30cm | 50cm | fixed
for middle layers (m) 15cm
Grain structure RR | RTR | RTTR | RTTTR
R - radial (vertical / semi-vertical)
T - tangential (flat)
Moisture content 8 ± 2 % / 12 ± 2 %
Glue D4 stress group according to DIN EN 204
Production capacity 600 m3 / month

Standard dimensions

Dimensions mm Configuration
K-finger jointed
Grain structure
Min. distance between finger joints
cm (f)
Thickness(h) Width(w) Length(L)
48|63|72|96756000KKKRTR21+ / 50+
48|63|72|96866000KKKRTR21+ / 50+
48|63|72|961156000KKKRTR21+ / 50+
48|63|72|961206000KKKRTR21+ / 50+
48|63|72|961256000KKKRTR21+ / 50+
48|63|72|961456000KKKRTR21+ / 50+
*other dimensions are available upon request as well
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