Wooden briquettes


Wooden briquettes are considered to be one of the ecologically and environmentally friendliest fuels, suitable for all types of heating boilers.
Main advantages of briquettes comparing with other fuels:

  • High calorific value
  • Long-lasting burning time
  • Minimal amount of ashes after burning
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient storage and transportation

Our wooden briquettes are by-product of glue laminated timber production, what means that briquettes are made of high-quality dried bark less pine board shavings. Briquettes are made using RUF press manufactured in Germany, without any chemical binders.

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Main characteristics

Wood specie pine (Pinus Sylvestris L.)
Dimensions Thickness (h) 65 ± 5 mm
Width (w) 95 ± 5 mm
Length (L) 155 ± 5 mm
Technical characteristics in accordance with testing made by "Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Institute": ( pdf ) :
Density ( b ) 892 kg / m3
Moisture content ( b ) 7.8 %
Ash content ( b ) 0.3 %
Gross calorific value ( b ) 5,964 MWh / t
Net calorific value ( b ) 5,101 MWh / t
Types of packaging 12 pcs in polyethylene bags (weight 10 kg)
96 packages per pallet (pallet weight 960 kg)
on a pallet without bags, 1136 pcs per pallet (weight 950 kg)
Big Bags
custom packaging according to customer`s needs
custom labelling of the packages is possible
Production capacity 250 t / month